Amplified Vision, Fashion with Sustainable Purpose, is a collection of information on fashion, textiles, and apparel that seek to entice and inspire living life responsibly.

I've  always had a passion for fashion and design since I could remember. I grew up daydreaming in a world of Hola, Vogue and vintage fashion magazines. Many times as a kid I would go into my mothers closet and deconstruct her old blouses and come out with what I considered new and improved versions. Things like this definitely got me into more trouble than I could account for, but I never stopped and my curiosity with textiles and garment construction continued. 

As an adult I decided to pursue my passion and go into the apparel industry. I attended Long Beach City College for an Associates in Arts Degree for Apparel Merchandising and later transferred to Cal Poly Pomona for my undergrad in Apparel Merchandising and Management, with Emphasize in Production. It was through out this process that I fell in love with production and the various facets involved. I was fascinated by the steps it takes to create one garment from concept to a final product sold in stores as well as all the people it takes to accomplish each step. 

The deeper I got involved in my career and production the more I realized the issues and opportunities that we have to improve the apparel industry. Soon I found myself asking "What can I do to help?" How can we help an industry with a history of waste, bad labor practices, pollution and deep exhaustion of resources? I believe there is not just one answer, but the start is to be more responsible and to become informed. So this is how Amplified Vision was born, out of passion and hope and the thirst for knowledge to share and prepare others to make more informed decisions.

If I can bring light to these topics and help one person make a smarter choice, then this site has accomplished its purpose. 

To my readers and friends, thank you for your support on this ongoing and evolving journey of purpose and for letting me be a part of your journey to change in some way as well.    

With love and hope,

Jennifer Gonzalez